Things That Used to Shine

by Wild Ponies

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released 10 September 2013



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Track Name: Make You Mine
I wait for you across the room
Stir my drink, nice and slow
This is how it’s gonna go
I’m gonna make you mine

I don't want to meet your family
I don't want to meet your friends
I just want you pulled against me
I don’t care if it’s a sin


Feel your sweat against my skin
Your flesh pulled tight around me
Taste your lips and drink you in
Closer than we should be

Every pulse and every breath
Quick and hot against the night
Move until there's nothing left
Fingers locked and bodies tight


When morning comes you're free to go
Don't even leave a number
I don't even need to know
Just leave me to my slumber

Track Name: Truth Is
The truth is sometimes I lie

I always hate to say goodbye

Even only for a little while

The truth is I don’t care who’s right

Sometimes I pick fights

When I should say I’m sorry

Sometimes I make a mess
Sometimes a little more
Sometimes I make a fist
And don’t know what I’m fighting for

The truth is I’m a damn good friend

When I bet I go all in

It doesn’t matter what the odds are

The truth is I trust the cards

And everyday, I read the stars

Maybe sometimes I should listen


The truth is I like to hear a train moan

It reminds me that I’m not really alone

There’s someone somewhere doing something



The truth is I’m more broken than brave

There are things I still think about everyday

Like his footsteps in the hallway

Track Name: Trigger
Well I swear the gun went off before I even pulled the trigger
The blood was on his face and hands and then I saw him stagger
He took two steps to the right then he went down on his knees
I was looking at his eyes but he was looking right past me

Old times shall not be forgotten
And there’s no tree that won’t fall someday

He stared right at that picture hanging right there on the wall
It was the picture of the two of us in front of Ruby Falls
He took me there in ’93 though he didn’t want to go
He was afraid of being underground down in a deep dark hole


He stared right at that picture til he didn’t blink no more
His soul had left his body and his body found the floor
The salt and pepper shakers that we got our wedding day
Set on the kitchen table up above him where he lay



I just left him laying there right on my kitchen floor
His blood spilled on the tile that he laid 9 years before
The blood that pooled around him may not wash away my sins
But I’ll be damned if he’s ever gonna touch my girl again

Chorus x 3
Track Name: Things That Used to Shine
I like things that used to shine
Polished smooth by the grains of time
Old and used and past their prime
I like things that used to shine

Love letters in the drawer of a flea market find
Laid away ring with two months behind
A grandfather clock with a mournful chime
I like things that used to shine

Shine, Shine
I like things that used to shine

A scratchy old record that still goes round
On an old turntable makes a beautiful sound
A proud father’s eyes when he starts to cry
I like things that used to shine

The way that Hazel Dickens sings
Too long unchanged guitar strings
A candle holder from a bottle of wine
I like things that used to shine


A roughed up penny from the year I was born
Old leather boots all scuffed and worn
An old pocket watch that still keeps time
And I like things that used to shine

The way you smiled when you were mine
That sparkle in your eyes when you were mine
Can’t turn back the hands of time
I like things that used to shine
Chorus x 2 - Tag
Track Name: Trouble Looks Good On You
Don’t you, think I didn’t see you coming
Hiding in the shadows showing up right on cue
By the way you were moving I could tell you were going to be trouble
But Darlin’, trouble looks good on you

Baby, Maybe
You’re thinking that you just can’t miss
Sneakin’ in to steal a kiss
Or maybe two
What would I do?
If you’re gonna do it, you better do it on the double
‘Cause Darlin’, trouble looks good on you


Clearly, I’m nearly
About to let down my guard
Can I trust my heart?
I wish I knew
If you’d be true
I’m trying everyday to keep myself away from trouble
But Darlin’, trouble looks good on you

Darlin’, trouble looks good on you
Track Name: Iris
Iris was my daddy’s momma

Her momma was a Cherokee

I know Iris was a strong woman

I don’t know what Iris knew about me


I called her Granny

But she never hugged me

She was quiet and she moved slowly

But somehow I know that she loved me

She never told me, I just know

I know Iris chewed plug tobacco

When she spit she never missed the can

She kept a pistol by her front porch chair

I know she never held my hand


I know that Iris took care of her children

I know that her husband was drunk and mean

I know that Iris outlived him by lifetimes

But I don’t know what Iris dreamed


Track Name: Valentine's Day
I don’t need flowers, they don’t last any way

Diamonds are shiny, but what do they say

I know you love me, and I know it’s right

So this Valentine’s Day, won’t you just hold me tight

It’s a gift you can’t buy

Love, you can’t steal

All I want from you baby

Is something that’s real

I’ll bring you some flowers, when they grow in the Spring

And I’ll buy you a diamond, in a gold wedding ring

But right now all I have, is to swear you my love

This Valentine’s Day, I hope it’s enough

It’s a gift you can’t buy

Love you can’t steal

My gift for you baby

Is something that’s real

It’s a gift you can’t buy

Love you can’t steal

My gift for you baby

Is something that’s real
Track Name: Massy's Run
He's the one they always talk about
The name that's always thrown around
the best that ever held a steering wheel

straw hat feather cowboy crown
the king of going round and round
If you're out in front he's nipping at your heels
And with all the races that he's won
All the tires he must've spun
It no wonder folks'll still go on about him


But for 26 laps, in the spring of 1960….
I had him behind me
Right there in my mirror
that red white and blue stp
And if it wasn't for that number 43
I could've been the king

I held him off through every turn
my tires were bald and my brakes were burned
and I took everything ol' 21 could give

he was Comin' up the inside fast
I knew he was gonna try to pass
But I got down low and kept there behind me
The last time we came around turn 4
He'd finally got me door to door
And the paper Clip had turned into a drag race


And I drove it like a demon on final death wish drag
And I know I almost had him, 'till *just* before we crossed that checkered flag


I crossed the line in 2nd place
The day Petty won his 2nd race
and since then he's won a hundred ninety eight more

And I like to think I did pretty well
Raced him tight and gave him hell
But he probly don't think about me anymore

But there's times At night that I stil dream
And I still hear those pistons scream
And in my mirror I still see that petty blue

And I'm crossing the line in the spring of 1960
Track Name: Want To Be Gone
We wake up each morning

side by side and alone

Feels like I’m in your way

In this house that’s my own

I’m tired of pretending

That you give me enough

This is no way to live

You don’t know how to love


I want to be gone

This time for good

You leave me tired and wasted

And I’m tired of wasting my love

Sometimes it’s too much

To hurt day after day

Then something in your touch

Makes me think we’re okay

But we know how this goes

‘cause we’ve been here before

your heart starts to close

and I head for the door


I’m just gonna walk away

My eyes straight ahead

There’s nothing you can say

Hasn’t already been said

I’ve got nothin’ to loose

No love to fight for

And no reason to stay

I’m not me anymore

Chorus X 2

I’m gonna be gone

This time for good

Your love leaves me tired and wasted

And I’m tired of wasting my love
Track Name: Broken

Everything I own is just a little bit broken

Hope I can hold it together just a little bit longer

Transmission leaks and the radiator’s hot

I don’t know if we’re gonna make it or not

Two more days I’ll be off the road

Let it cool down lighten my load


Everything I own is just a little bit broken

Hope I can hold it together just a little bit longer

Heavy on the down-beat another string’s busted

A couple spares left but they all look rusted

Shorted out cord and a 60 cycle hum

Bad ground wire makes my face go numb



Just a little bit of luck

I’m beggin’ please

Just a little break

Is all I need

Every time I think I might get ahead

Turn around look down I’ve been beaten

Here I am broken down once again

The only thing I can’t break is even

Track Name: Revival Wasteland
Find a nice flat piece of land

Put the tent poles in the ground

Services start at 8

People come from miles around

They line up to get inside

And drop their money on the plate

They bring me their afflictions

And I step up to test my faith


When I lay my hands on 'em

sometimes the blind can see

I’m not sure I believe in God

but I guess he believes in me

Wake up and count the money

Pile the trash out by the road

Pack up our revival wasteland

Then it's time to go

Down another lonesome highway

To another lonesome town

And I hope I can take it from them

When they lay their burdons down


Every time I touch 'em

I wonder if they know

I'm nothing but a phony

just a traveling snake oil show

I never know if they're gonna walk

I never know if they're gonna cry

I never know if i'm gonna heal ‘em

‘till I reach out my hands and try

Track Name: Another Chance
Seems unfair the way it went down

But she knew she shouldn’t have been hanging around

With that rich kid and his drugs

His daddy’s money kept him in the clear

But Mandy ended up doing a few years

Now she’s out on her own

She runs a little nail salon

In a building where everyone’s just trying to move on

Just trying to move on


Hallelujah, thank the lord, for another chance

Hallelujah, thank the lord, for another chance

Janie lives up on the second floor

She works at the café right next door

She’s taking it day by day

Late at night when she’s all alone

And the cravings hit she picks up the phone

She’s been working hard to get her life on track

It’s been 46 days since she last smoked crack

But she still cries, she still cries


There’s a quiet old man up on the third floor

Janie see’s a note posted on his door

That says the whole world’s fucked

It’s been two weeks since anybody’s heard from him

So finally the police just bust on in

To take a look

Well, it’s no surprise he’s still sittin’ right there

Empty pill bottles all around his chair

Looks like he’s finally gone home

Chorus X 2